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Dual Immersion Applications

The 2019-20 DLI Lottery application window is currently open. Lottery applications will be accepted through November 21, 2018

Please remember that although siblings have preferential placement in the DLI program, it is still necessary for you to submit a lottery application for a younger sibling wanting to enter the program.   Without a lottery application turned in, on or before November 21, 2018, the sibling will lose the preferential placement.

We look forward to welcoming your younger student into the program.

Attendance Plan


2018-2019 Attendance Goals

By June 2019, 75% of students in grades K-5 will attend school at least ninety percent of the time, making them On Track for graduation based on student attendance as an early warning sign.

Data as of the end of:
First trimester: 77%
Second trimester: 66%
Third timester: 75%

Final result: We made our goal of 75% of all students attend at least ninety percent of the time. Thank you for your support.

2018-2019 Perfect Attendance by Month
September- 69%
October - 32%
November - 31%
December- 56%
January- 32%
February- 21%
March -34%
April- 51%
May- 43%

2019-2020 Perfect Attendance by Month
September- 62%

RSL Visits Oak Hollow

Who better to promote healthy habits than professional athletes? A few Real Salt Lake players dropped by Oak Hollow Elementary on Tuesday to kick around the soccer ball with fifth-graders and answer questions about all they do to stay fit. The players were accompanied by a nutritionist who discussed the importance of hydration and a balanced diet. Thank you RSL!IMG_2283.jpgIMG_2282.jpgIMG_2281.jpgIMG_2280.jpgIMG_2276.jpgIMG_2275.jpgIMG_2274[1].jpgIMG_2274.jpgIMG_2273[1].jpgIMG_2273.jpgIMG_2272.jpgIMG_2271.jpgIMG_2270.jpgIMG_2269.jpgIMG_2267.jpgIMG_2265.jpg