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French Dual Language Immersion School

September 23, 2022 – Minutes

Oak Hollow Elementary

School Community Council Meeting


2:00 – 3:15

Members present:

Julie Mootz, Cher Tucker, Trisha Bourne, Natalie Lane, Jason Vaughn, Jalaine Hawks, Nikki Burke, Shayla Streiff, Andrea Pranic, Maria Babin, Tera Powell, Suzanne Quick

Secretary: Sandy Bodily

Thank you given to all members supporting Oak Hollow!

Introductions of committee members

Discussed Purpose of School Community Council Committee and agenda:

Land Trust

• $86,000 this year

• Committee Provides input and gives feedback for use of Land Trust money

• Will submit a budget to District


• Soft money from state $101,00 this year. (Some carryovers from last year)

• Committee provides input and feedback for the use of TSSP money

• Will submit a budget to District

Digital Citizenship

• Shauna Jensen is Digital Coordinator

• Will send monthly emails of information

Safety & Emergency Plan (SNAP)


• Emotionally and physically safe at school

SCC optional Training coming up. September 27th.

Goal for last year 201-22 were discussed

Goals for this year 2022-23

Land Trust

• Acadience Testing

  • Goal is to find students that are low and struggling that are at risk.
  • Qualify for Tier 2 support
  • Reading Interventionist to do small group instruction
  • Monitor progress weekly
  • Students participate in whole group instruction and then pulled out in small group instruction
  • Monitoring to make sure interventions are working

• 7 aides hired: 5 Reading Interventionists, 1 French DI Aide for 1st & 2nd, and 1 DI Aide for 4th & 5th grade.

• Myon

  • Supplemental reading program that is helpful and beneficial for students struggling with all aspects of reading and comprehension.

• Purchase Wonders books to align with Wonders program

  • Teachers can pull book from Library to go along with Wonders program
  • 1 set per grade to go in the library

• Data Days

  • Subs paid for: Acadiance Pathways to Progress
  • Teachers have two Data days a year when subs are paid for teachers to monitor progress in math and reading and collect data for their students and come up with strategies for growth and to reach benchmarks and above.

• Dreambox program for math

  • Teachers provide list of students that are struggling in math and these students work with Dreambox program monitored by our Dreambox aide to increase math skills

• Books purchased to align with wonders program

  • Teachers can pull books in the library to align with wonders program One set per grade purchased for teachers to check out in the library

Lexia – This year, state grants given for K-3

TSSP Budget

• 2 goals in math: 75% students reach typical or above growth benchmark in math.

• Anti-bullying this year

  • setting goals for students to identify it, strategy to overcome it, stop and walk & talk strategies

Course defines what bullying is and how to identify it

• Fund school counselor ½ salary for year. (District pays 50% and we would pay 50% to make full time) Works with all kids struggling, in groups as well as individual students, and teaching anti bullying to all students in classes.

• 2 Aides, one to help with extra help in classrooms with large number of students, and one to run Dreambox math program for students.

• Part time Aides to help with behavioral issues for students struggling (hours added onto Behavior Coach and Workroom-Recess aide’s duties

Julie discussed Cell Tower budget

• Have two cell towers: Verizon & Sprint

• $25,000 annually money generated

Myon Discussion

• Myon is a digital library for grades 3-5 that helps with reading comprehension and improves students in other areas of reading that’s beneficial to all students. It is a supplemental program available for students at home and to access in the classrooms

• SCC approved it last year and every year we have had it

• One parent’s concern on a book that was found and pictures of books in the program

• Committee members gave feedback

• Positive & negative feedback on the program from teachers and parent’s student experiences

• Committee asked to look into program and next SCC meeting we will discuss options and how to proceed with program.

Next meeting October 14th or 28th to further discuss Myon

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