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February 9, 2022 – Minutes

Oak Hollow Elementary

School Community Council Meeting

February 9, 2022

                                                 4:15 – 5:00                                       

Members present:

Julie Mootz

Cher Tucker

Natalie Lane

Jason Vaughn

Jalaine Hawks

Secretary: Sandy Bodily




Approved minutes of last meeting



Looked at Current growth at Winter Benchmark

Goal 75% of students will make typical growth or above at end of the year by Spring 2022.  

Pathways to Progress ELA Report set of Progress set


Currently 67%

2 of our teachers show 95% growth rate in Math

2nd grade close (ELA)

4th grade close (ELA)

5th grade already above growth (ELA)



In 2 weeks, ½ day set for Teachers going over Pathways to Progress for students.  Roving subs will be covering classrooms.

  • Teachers learn how to support students better.
  • Each teacher makes a plan based on student scores.
  • Looks at level’s students are at and goes in depth. What causing students to grow and not grow.
  • We will look at current growth to set goal for next year.
  • With our Partner Teachers, we are seeing a lot of success.
    • We are seeing high growth in those departmentalized classes.
    • Seeing a difference especially in math.


Proposed keeping growth goal the same for is year.

  • Keep 75% but add goal for math.
  • Land Trust – Reading
  • TSSP – Add math goal of 75% (Acadience Pathways to Progress Math report)
    • It was suggested that teachers send a math guide concept sheet home to parents; so, parents can understand how to help their kids with homework math problems at home.
    • Our 5th grade teacher has done this and it really helps parents. She attaches it to Friday emails and sends it home.



Basic budget for TSSP still covers:

  • Counselor .5 FTE (to support social and emotional needs of students)
  • Dreambox
  • Aide for Dreambox
  • Aides or math
  • Kindergarten Aide
  • 1st grade Aid
  • Books for Book Machine
  • Using additional funds up to 10,000 dollars to update books in Library. (Our Library is considered outdated)




More detailed plans will be sent the end of March before our next meeting.


The Committee, will vote to finalized plan for next year and approve at the next and final meeting.

Asked all to think about being on the SCC again for next year.


Next & last SCC meeting will be on March 16th.
































Presentation on Digital Citizenship-Given by Shauna Jensen

  • Explanation on what Digital Citizenship is.
  • Discussed all things in place to keep kids safe while using internet.
  • Shauna sends lessons to teachers once a month to present in classrooms.
  • In Curriculum maps that teacher’s use.
  • Brain Booster Technology teacher will teach one week focusing on Digital Citizenship and internet safety.
    • All lessons will be geared towards age of students and grade.
  • Digital Citizenship Information will be passed out to parents at Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • In Clever, District will have other resources listed.
  • White Ribbon Week in the spring – PTA will focus a whole week on internet safety and Digital Citizenship.
  • Principal Mootz is flagged when a student is searching a blocked-out word. Student will be called down and parent notified.
  • Teachers are also monitored by District for appropriate internet use.
  • Teachers can pull up every student’s screen to see what the student is looking at and monitor what they are doing.



Safety Concerns for this year

Committee was asked to submit any safety concerns to be addressed this year.

  • Hillside stairs up to Adobe Road – After all parents and buses are gone, any students remaining that have not been picked up yet, are unsupervised.
    • Julie will put a plan in place for supervision in this spot.


Land Trust Funds

Using to show all growth typical & above

  • Want to see growth from both high- and low-level students. Testing in September for benchmark and goal is to see each student’s individual growth by end of year.
  • 5 Reading Interventionists
  • 2 French Aides
  • Computer programs – Myon, Dreambox , Brain Pop & 95% materials
  • Sub for Teachers – Held one ½ day training for Building Leadership Team (BLT) focused on skill-based instruction.
  • Sub for teachers – Data Days for teachers to set a pathway of progress for each of their students. A goal to see growth for each student individually by end of year.
    • Teachers and Aides work together to work with students to meet this goal.
    • Tracking for each student every week.


Safe Walking Plan

Keeping areas safer for in walkways, for bikers and scooters

  • Traffic light was finally put in at Vestry and Highland. Kids now have a signal to walk across the street that is safer (Credit to our SCC for that!)
  • Parking lot is a problem every year.
  • Requests have been made to put another cross walk where ground cover is and walkway where bushes are. This is still not approved but we will keep trying.


A suggestion was made to bring more STEM into the school.

No comments on Friday Remote Learning Days.


Committee was asked to add more items to the agenda

If they feel something needs to be addressed or discussed.


Next meeting scheduled January 19th @ 4:15pm











































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