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January 24, 2020 – Minutes

Members present:

Julie Mootz Jodi Seamons Allison Wilcox Cathy Bruner Tami Owen

Misty Larson Elizabeth Ratliff Sunny Hafen

Oak Hollow Elementary School community

Council Meeting January 24, 2020  2:15 – 3:15

Approved minutes from last meeting.

Went over SNAP Plan

  • Didn’t change from last year.

  • Safe Walking Place – New Rec Center should open up in summer which should help with some concerns.

  • Parking lot plan to make walkway request to District – Denied

  • Concerns over a tree overgrown blocking north entrance into school. Corner house owns tree. Cars and buses coming out of parking lot cannot be seen from cars coming down the road. Also branches low enough where need to duck so won’t hit head.

  • Julie will post safe walking spots on website.

  • Julie will update and put new map on website.

    Office referrals/Behavioral Chart

  • 10 major behaviors, 46 minor behaviors for year.

  • Tuesdays are highest, with most referrals and aggression on the playground.  Name calling, fighting, aggressive behaviors
    Seems to have improved some since Playwork’s started. Areas with structured games are helping with “One & Done” rules enforced Land Trust Goals

  • 4th – 5th Science, focused on Reading Goals.

  • Reading Aides hired.

  • Doing well and improving students reading skills.

  • Referred to chart given out.

    5th grade: 79% students proficient in reading/Language 10% Higher than last year

  • Spending down money:

  • Used for teachers to plan science for 4th and 5th grades.

  • Would like to use growth goals next year. This will help us push both over grade level + under grade level students.

    TSSA -Would like to continue this for next year

  • Pay for half Counselor Fees-Keep Tracie here.

  • Keep a Dreambox Aide.

  • Keep Dreambox for all students.

  • Keep K-1 aide.

    Land Trust Budget:

  • Gave Land Trust Equipment and Land Trust Textbook money to 1st – 3rd grades for science equipment/materials and science magazine subscriptions.

  • Gave Land Trust Equipment money to 4th – 5th grades for science equipment/materials.

    Would like to continue with reading and academic goals for next year. (Reading specialist and interventionists)

    Goal next 5 years, to be in the top 5% in the state.

  • 1st year Teachers will learn about Social & Emotional Skills working with teachers – Learn for a year.

  • 2nd year, teachers will implement it.

  • 3rd year, Social Skills kit, called “Second Step” will be provided for teachers.

    Idea presented to help Parent’s identify and access programs that help their child in Math, Language, Reading etc.

    • Flow Chart Magnet, that can possibly go on fridge.

    • Making it simple for parents with students experiencing problems in certain academic areas to refer them to programs we have, and where to go to access them for help.

      Tracie, our School Social Worker will start prevent bully classes in each of class of each grade, to lay out ground work before 2nd step program is implemented.

      Next meeting will be held on Monday, March 16th.

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