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March 16, 2022 – Minutes

Oak Hollow Elementary

School Community Council Meeting

March 16, 2022

4:15 – 5:00              


Members present:

Julie Mootz

Cher Tucker

Natalie Lane

Jason Vaughn

Jalaine Hawks

Becky Lind

Trisha Bourn

Secretary: Sandy Bodily


Committee was asked to please consider serving again next year on the SCC. They were asked to email Julie individually if interested.

Discussed: Restorative Practices

  • Circles to build community in classrooms and to restore relationships

We did a Circle with all SCC members tuned in and asked:

What has members found helpful being on SCC? Is there anything that they feel is needed to be communicated better.

Julie started circle with her thoughts:

  • She thinks virtual meetings very helpful to get input from all parents.
  • Likes new level of communication with parents.
  • More attendance from SCC members, because more convenient and easier on parent’s time and easier to attend meeting at home by Zoom. More parents can be involved.
  • Safety issues discussed are helpful with feedback from members. Group input important to help solve issues.

SCC thoughts:

  • Virtual meetings important, and more convenient. Allows more parent to be involved.
  • Learning experience for some of the members
  • For one member: Would like more access to information on different subjects so she could be more helpful.
    • Julie will send out information on trainings so parents can take time to read through it, and become more informed.
  • Would like weekly updates and emails sent out about general things and opportunities that all parents can help out with going on at school, other than PTA

Covid updates:

At Tier 1 level now. No longer counting Covid numbers at school.

Julie’s intent is to be very transparent, so everyone knows where money is spent. The result would be that all SCC members are in agreement where money will be going and approved before it is spent.

3 Goals aiming for 2022-23 school year

1st Goal: Growth goal in reading

  • 75 % of all students will make typical growth or above by spring 2022 according to Acadience Pathways to Progress ELA report.
  • K-3 – Acadience Reading Composite
    • Continue Pathways of Progress
    • Continue Lexia
    • Share data in IPLC’s
  • 4-5 Acadience Maze – using process monitoring. Teachers pm once a month
    • Continue Pathways of Progress
    • Share data in IPLC’S
    • PD at faculty meeting will be: Word analysis & Vocabulary
  • Reading
    • 7MTSS aides (5 reading & 2 French)
    • MyOn
    • Scholastic magazine (grades 3-5)
    • Professional Development – subs to cover data days for teachers.
    • New library books purchased to align with new reading program; Wonders- a new reading program introduced.
    • ABC’s and all Their Tricks
    • Lexia (purchased through state grant) If we do not get grant we will use Land Trust funds.
  • Additional funds to purchase books for our book vending machine and for the library.


Math Goals 22-23 school year.

75% of all students will make typical growth or above by spring 2021 according to the Acadience Pathways to Progress Math report.

Social-emotional goal: By the Spring of 2023, all students will be able to identify and overcome bully behavior with taught strategies.

Basic budget for TSSP still covers:

  • Counselor .5 FTE (to support social and emotional needs of students)
  • Dreambox
  • Aide for Dreambox
  • Aide for math
  • Kindergarten Aide
  • 1st grade aide
  • Books for antibullying lessons
  • Materials for antibullying lessons
  • Technology needs-clickers

*Any additional funding will be used for professional development.


Kids love the Lexia program.

Anti-Bullying information about the program & books will be sent to each member of SCC.  If the SCC does not approve then

other options are available.


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