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French Dual Language Immersion School

February 23, 2023 – Minutes

Oak Hollow Elementary

School Community Council Meeting

February 23, 2023

4:15 – 5:15 PM

Members present:

Julie Mootz

Cher Tucker

Natalie Lane

Shayla Streiff

Nikke Burke

Trisha Bourn

Andrea Pranic

Tera Powell

Suzanne Quick

Jalaine Hawks

Maria Babin

Secretary: Sandy Bodily


Approved minutes of last meeting


Current progress in 2022 -2023 middle year for ELA and Math. (3-year goal)

75 % of all students will make typical growth or above by spring 2023 according to the Acadience Pathways of Progress report for ELA & math.

Goal by 2023 – 2024 77%

Goal by 2024 – 2025 80%


Discussed goals for Oak Hollow 2023 – 2024

Academic: 77% of all students will make typical growth or above by spring 2024 according to the Acadience Pathways to Progress ELA report.


Refer to Budget sheet = 80,881.62 + carryover

  • Growth
  • Funding


If we do not get the state grant for Lexia, we will use school cell tower funds for this. Cell tower Budget currently has 29,000.



Math: 77% of all students will make typical growth or above by Spring, according to the Acadience Pathways to Progress Math report.


Social-emotional goal: Spring of 2023, all teachers are teaching the Thrive Life Skills lessons (approved by the district) once a week in their class. THRIVE are life skill lessons created by the district with input from parents, teachers and ISD. A life skills curriculum is required by the state.

By the end of October 2023 our counselor (&45,000) will visit every classroom and teach a lesson on anti-bully strategy.

All teachers will receive THRIVE life skill lessons from the district.


Funding: 80,000.00 with 10,00.00 carryover

  • .5 FTE counselor (We will continue to fund .4 counselor to be full time)
  • Purchase Dreambox $14,000 for students. Dreambox (or another approved math program that helps students with fluency. Used in math skill-based groups and Tier 2 support.
    • Hire 3 MTSS aides. 3 Grade level aides. To support teachers with math interventions.
    • Dreambox aide/math aide progress monitors students

Who are below level and supervises Dreambox for Tier 2.

  • Subs for Professional Development days for teachers to set Pathway of Progress. Two days a year for every teacher.



Conscious Classroom Management

All teachers, coach and Brain Booster technicians will be trained in August on Conscious Classroom Management. This training came from a “Teaching the Brain conference.”

Training will be in conjunction with two other elementary’s sharing the costs. Training will provide teachers training on strategies that engage all students but especially neurodiverse students. More strategies for teachers to use in all subject areas.

  • Trainer costs: at least $2,167.00 (1/3 of costs from 3 schools dividing costs)
  • All receive copy of book before training.




Reading interventionist will be trained on the reading intervention program 95% (2,000.00) dollars for extra materials to replace used copies.

Hire a progress monitoring aide. (5,881). Will Progress monitor the students in grade one for reading.


Middle of the year growth goal chart given to all SCC members to look at and refer to.



Next meeting: March 16, 2023


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