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November 13, 2020 – Minutes

Oak Hollow Elementary

School Community Council Meeting

November 13, 2020

10:00 am

Members present:

Julie Mootz

Cher Tucker

Natalie Lane

Elizabeth Ratliff

Sunny Hafen

Joani Bell

Secretary: Sandy Bodily

Approved minutes from last meeting

Digital Citizenship Report: Presented by Shauna Jensen

  • Discussed purpose of Digital Citizenship.
  • Taught in Brain Booster -Technology classes. Common sense curriculum. About a month long.
  • Discussed use of technology to make this world a better place.
  • Constructive online monthly lessons sent to teachers.

Content Keeper

  • A program Julie uses to catch inappropriate internet use by students.
  • Catches words and inappropriate words that flag students who are attempting to look up inappropriate things and sites on internet.
  • Julie calls down student to talk to them. She then contacts parents.
  • A great source for Julie to open up lines of communication with parents.

Safety Plan

  • There is a plan in place.
  • Sent out evacuation plan to teachers – Not to General Public.
  • We have monthly drills practicing what we do.
  • During Covid, we are being very careful, so drills are talked about and performed as much as possible in classrooms. No action for fire drills, evacuating in the hallways to outside, done at this time due to Covid.

Julie asked Council what concerns they have regarding Safety at Oak Hollow

  • Need another crossing guard added to Adobe & Vestry to help.
  • Guard that is assigned is only allowed to cross Vestry and not Adobe Road which is the opposite street. Guard not allowed to cross students on Adobe because there is no crosswalk.
  • Need a crosswalk put across Adobe on corner of Adobe & Vestry.
  • Concerned about the crosswalk on Adobe. Parents need a reminder not to jay walk across the street. Parents need instruction on where and how to cross to use crosswalk properly.
  • For better traffic flow, need a permanent sign to ask parents to please pull forward in the pick-up line.
  • Yellow line in sidewalk needs repainting.
  • Need a second crosswalk built. Possibly ask for donations for concrete and maybe Eagle Project help of some kind. Julie will talk to facilities to see if it’s possible for us to build one.
  • Julie will ask Michael to put in a work order to get signage and yellow line repainted and ask for crosswalk on Adobe.

Land Trust Budget used to purchase:

(budget- 85,499.00)

  • 75 Chromebooks- 25 in lab for extra ones, 25 for Madame Hafen, 25 for 1st grade workroom.
  • We will be purchasing Chromebook Carts from the High School. They have extra carts that are new.
  • Scholastic Science Magazines for all grades


(Budget update 78,514)

  • Full time Counselor (District pays half, we pay the other half)
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade aide.
  • Morning Meeting Books for Teachers
    • For emotional and social support for students and teachers.
    • About training teachers on how to build communities in their classrooms.
  • Next year, will learn specific curriculum for classrooms in this subject.
  • Responsive services: look at what have for online students in this area.

Asked council for any concerns or questions on budget. No concerns

SNAP-Safe walking program for bikers and walkers

  • Any concerns go to the District Draper City and School
    • Will send you last year’s SNAP report.
    • Next meeting, we will add concerns to it.
    • Will submit end of January.
  • Concern’s about needing another crosswalk. Possible donations? Julie will talk to Facilities.

Reading Goals:

  • 70% of students to make growth for this year

Next meeting

  • Will discuss goals for next year.
  • Will talk about funding for next year.

No meeting in December

Next meeting’s will be in January and March





























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