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Oak Hollow Elementary

School Community Council Meeting

October 2, 2020

Google Meet


Members: Erin Seibel, Cher Tucker, Natalie Lane, Christina Oliver, Raj Chowdhary, Sunny Hafen,
Elizabeth Ratliff & Julie Mootz
Secretary: Sandy Bodily


  1. Purpose of committee and
  2. Review duties for year
  3. Share upcoming SCC trainings
  4. Share reopening procedures & Friday plan
  5. Review Landtrust plan and budget for the year. Ask for any feedback or if amendments
    are needed.
  6. Review current Acadience and behavior data
  7. Share and vote on cell tower budget
  8. Set meetings for year.

Upcoming SCC duties: Digital Citizenship, SNAP, Landtrust plan for 2021-2022

Next meeting:

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