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Oak Hollow Eagles SOAR on the Internet

WRW-logoFebruary 1st-5th is CSD White Ribbon Week, which recognizes the importance of Internet Safety. White Ribbon Week is a positive, empowering program that teaches kids to make smart choices online and to reject harmful media messages.

You can find more information about Internet Saftey on our webpage under the "Students" tab.


The PTA meeting for January has changed.  The meeting will no longer be on January 6th.  We have changed the January meeting to January 13th.

Thank you!
Oak hollow PTA

DELAYED start for Tuesday, December 15th


As a result of extreme weather, and out of concern for the safety of students, parents and employees, Canyons District is announcing that its schools will have a delayed start tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 15. 

All schools will start two hours later than the usual bell schedule. This means that bus routes will be two hours later than the regularly scheduled time. Also, half-day kindergarten and pre-school classes have been cancelled. The “zero-period” classes at the middle schools have been cancelled, as well.   

The CSD Administration hopes this will ease some of the worries of parents who have voiced concern that the inclement weather has made traveling dangerous.

To explain the decision to hold school at a regular time on Monday, Canyons District crews were up before 5 a.m., driving roads and determining the day's course of action. While there was a substantial amount of snow, our buses have traversed similar conditions in the past. However, shortly after the CSD Administration made the call to hold school as usual, the snowstorm became much worse, creating slick driving conditions and wreaking havoc for the morning commute. 

By that time, though, the District's buses were on the road, headed to their routes. While students will be held harmless for any absences or tardies that occurred as a result of the storm, the administration asks that parents call the school to approve those tardies or absences. 

The District apologizes for any inconvenience on Monday and is working on improving its processes. The Administration has appreciated the patience and understanding of parents, guardians and students as employees have worked through the issues surrounding the first big storm of the year.  

Call the District Office Tuesday at 801-826-5001 if you have questions or concerns. A representative will be ready to take your calls at 7:30 a.m.