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Oak Hollow Heroes

Every Thursday throughout the school year, these wonderful heroes work hard to put together free lunches for every student at Oak Hollow.   

 They are our very own Oak Hollow Heroes! 

Elementary Students Invited to Reconsider Learning Options, Requests Accepted through Feb. 14

With the end of the second term approaching, we are again providing students a chance to revisit their learning options.

The elementary-school window for submitting end-of-grading-period change requests is Sunday, Feb. 7 through Sunday, Feb. 14. Those wanting to shift from in-person to one of two remote learning options available, or from remote learning to in-person instruction, will need to complete a change-request form by Feb. 14. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any late requests.

Learning option changes will take effect with the start of the third term on Monday, March 8. No action is required of families who wish to stay with their chosen path.

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked to provide families with in-person and remote learning options so they can choose what works best for them given their educational needs and health considerations. This second change-request period is consistent with that commitment.

The three learning options available are the same as described at the beginning of the year: In-Person Instruction; Online Instruction; or Parent-Guided, District-Supported At Home Instruction. An explanation of those options can be found at

Change requests will be submitted using the same Skyward Family Access portal families used to register for school at the beginning of the year. Families simply log in to Skyward, click on the “online forms” button, select “Term 2 Change-Request Form,” and follow the prompts. Please watch this tutorial for more information, or call the Main Office should you need any assistance.

Questions? Please contact our school’s Main Office.

CSD Starts ‘Test to Stay’ to Target Detection, Preserve In-Person Learning

Plans are underway for the first “Test to Stay” event in Canyons School District. 

CSD and Alta High administrations have started working on the logistics to hold the detection and prevention testing initiative at the Sandy high school next week. The Test to Stay program is recommended by state health authorities as an alternative to placing an entire school on quarantine for two weeks of online learning.  

In effect, the program, in which students and employees are offered rapid antigen tests at school and during school hours, safeguards the school’s in-person learning schedule. However, in order for such programs to work, a vast majority of those who are regularly on campus must participate.  

Moving forward, with the ramp up of the rollout of vaccinations for the novel coronavirus as the backdrop, all Canyons District high schools may choose to do in-school testing if they reach a 1 percent threshold of positive COVID-19 cases associated with the school.  

In anticipation that Alta High will soon reach the 1 percent threshold, parents of Hawks have been receiving messages about the testing, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Parents also were sent a link to give consent. 

Under the Test to Stay guidelines, students who test negative are able to remain in school. Those who test positive are directed to isolate and learn remotely as long as they are not too sick to engage in classes. Those who choose not to be tested are asked to learn remotely for 10 days — or the length of time that the school would have spent in an online-learning schedule if the COVID-19 positivity rate kept rising. 

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