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No Computer at Home? Check Out CSD’s Technology Check-Out Program

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Computer on the fritz? No Internet connection at home? Canyons District’s technology check-out program has you covered.

Technology is ubiquitous. It’s how we access knowledge, connect with one another, and get work — or, homework — done. But not all Canyons students have ready access to a computer at home. So, Canyons District maintains a pool of loaner devices which can be checked out in a similar fashion to library books, except for a more extended period of time.

Computing devices and Wi-Fi hotspots are provided to students free-of-charge through CSD’s “Bridging the Digital Divide” program. Previously, the grant-funded check-out program was limited to CSD’s five traditional high schools, but is now being expanded to include middle schools and elementary schools.

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Totem Poles

Hello, I just wanted to send out a picture of the amazing totem poles all of your kids have been working so hard on.  Normally we display these around the school for all to see. The kids were so excited to see these all come together.  Everyone finished except one class.   We had an amazing parent donate all our boxes which made this years totem poles so great. As soon as we can get back to school we will have these displayed throughout the hallways and library.  We are definitely missing these kids!!

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